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Why We Want To Exercise And Don't !

Why We Want To Exercise And Don't!

Making Exercise Fun!This article is the first step in creating a new you. It is a required step, as without this step you may continue to self-sabotage your efforts to accomplish your health goals. This is about why we want to exercise and do not.  Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the reasons we have difficulties going from having good intentions to that of ultimate success!


Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with advertisements telling us to get in shape, slim down, lose that excessive weight and increase our energy and vigor.  So then, what is the problem?  



Perhaps we are not convinced it's good for us!  We don't know the benefits? This is hard to believe considering the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence we hear almost on a daily basis.  We hear how exercise will benefit us, why eating the right foods and getting plenty of rest is essential each night.  We hear exercise can ward off Alzheimer's disease.  We even have heard how just 15 minutes, 3 times per week of aerobics, will drastically reduce cardiovascular disease.  We hear all the time that exercise in any form is the golden ticket to longevity.  The point is we have all heard many versions of this, so let's rule out ignorance!


Fond Childhood MemoriesWe often claim we just don't have the extra time each day to take on yet another activity.  While that may be true, you would not be reading this article unless you already determined it was of a priority.  The question then may be how to develop an exercise routine that won't take up too much time.  For those with time on their hands, a gym is great.  For those with little time, office isometrics or morning yoga in front of the T.V. may work better.  Only you know what works best for you, though you it is highly suggested to push beyond your comfort zone. One thing is for certain. What you put into this, like a bank, is ultimately what will come out, or determine your level of health. Pay now or pay later, pay you will.


We cannot escape bad habits and the wreckage they cause. Take time now to change this.  All the success and money in the world does you no good if you do not have the health to enjoy it.  Bottom line:  Do you really have the time 'Not" to do exercise?  Is this really as optional as people make it out to be?  You know the answer already, but acknowledging this is crucial.  You are unlikely to do something you think is unimportant, where as you can "take it or leave it!"  You need to take it seriously, as it is serious. Don't mistake this as me telling you to be in a "serious mood."  Contrarily, you need to make it fun to succeed.


Beach Spa Resorts.comPerhaps we do not know what to do?  Considering just about all of us have been to a gym or health club some point in our lives, makes this too a little implausible. We may not know the exact formula or have a perfect chart of exercises to do, we do know some.  We all know that walking briskly, if nothing else, is going to add years onto our lives.  We all have a good idea how to find a local aerobics class.  Considering almost every television in America has had various times throughout the day some form of exercise class directly in front of us, in the comfort of our own living room, again this can hardly be touted as the reason for laziness or inactivity.


You may also think you can't afford it.  After all those gym memberships are all of 30 dollars per month!  Or those Pilates Videos are 50 dollars.  I'm still not buying it, no pun intended!  These are not the reasons. There are hundreds of fun activities that provide exercise that are free.


Don't stop the excuses yet, we are on a roll!  Ahh...I know.  We "are" going to exercise, it's still in our plans, we just have not started yet.  Never mind it's August and our New Year's "resolutions" were 8 months ago!  Who is not guilty for continually believing we are "going" to start?


Beach Spa Resorts ArticlesEnough is enough you say!  Quit teasing us and tell us the solution.  Or is there one?  The good news is yes -- Yes...Yes...Yes.  Roll up your sleeves and let's get you back on track, TODAY!


Did he say, "Back on track"?  Maybe I never was on track.  Oh, but you were.  In fact, though it may have been decades ago, maybe not so long for others, we did natural activity that counted as exercise, without ever thinking about it. It was "who" we were.  The point here is to look at our childhood for some clues.  



When we were children we had an abundance of energy, "naturally".  The reasons point to the fact that our activities were fun.  In fact we called it "play!" It's what we were all about. We got up in the morning and raced around and played with our siblings and/or friends. What happened to all of that?  


We became older, took on more responsibilities and before we long we were raising families of our own.  We now had jobs that meant our very survival.  Some of us extended active lifestyles well into our twenties, but for the average adult it was on the decline. Each year meant a little less physical activity.  Our social circles grew apart or were with other peers also doing less physical exercise. So, to be blunt, it is not the actual exercise that is what will turn you around as much as a "return to innocence," a return to having the simple fun we enjoyed in our youth.  Most of the fun we did have was not stationary, like over a game of chess or monopoly.  While that is fun, try remembering what it was like running around the neighborhood, skating, swimming, etc.


Where many of go wrong is, instead of getting our exercise through "fun" means, we joined a gym and grinded away so that we could "stay" in shape.  Don't get us wrong, many health clubs are an absolute delight as they should be.  The point is, while the T.V. reality show "The Biggest Loser" is effective for some, this unrelenting military boot-camp like approach to exercise does not work for the vast majority. In fact, the biggest reason it does work is the comaraderie of being in a group, the moral support of a personal coach, etc. Everything most of us do not have in the real world.  


Even at the health clubs unless we develop routines that are "fun" it is usually only a matter of time before we miss days. That is how it starts.  Then we miss the whole week, the whole month. Before long we are sitting around one evening eating popcorn and at 3 in the morning we see a health nut guru on an infomercial, touting that with little work and minimal effort on your part, you will have amazing success. So we run for the credit card. Before long we have "been there done that!"  Despondency takes over and for the vast amount of Americans, lethargy sets in.  We become overweight and depressed.  This is why we want to exercise and don't.



Make a list of everything you did as a child that would in today's terms qualify as exercise.  In other words, did you bicycle with friends?  Rollerskate?  Skateboard? How about those summer days and the swimming pools?   Did you play in any team sports?  How about individual sports, such as surfing, skiing or gymnastics?  


Part of overcoming our procrastination is about fully understanding how the human psyche works. Don't worry, you hardly need a psychology degree to track here.  Because it is the jist of this article I am going to be repetitive and give it to you twice>  Simply put, we as humans will do anything we can to do what we perceive is pleasurable and do almost anything we can to avoid that which we consider un-pleasurable.  If we perceive work, hassle, failure, ridicule, judgement or any conflict what-so-ever, we will despite good intentions self-sabotage ourselves.  


So our job is to return that vigor we experienced as children.  Motivational circuit speaker Tony Robbins, aka. "Personal Power", once said:  "Whatever we do in life, pre-supposes that we have the vitality, energy and sheer passion to drive us towards the fulfilling of our goals."  WIthout this vitality and health, we continually are in a loop of despondency and despair.  


Trip Articles.comLook at this girl to the left. She is feeling a little down and now has 2 choices.  She can stay where she is and perhaps order a few more drinks, telling others why her life is going nowhere, or like the girl below her, she can turn her environment into some fun.  Here it is shown as dancing, though can be whatever you choose your activity to be.  


Try This:  Choose two fun activities from your list of fun activities above.  Here is a suggestion:  Make it something you can do by yourself and with a friend or as a group.  So, you may have to break down and for less than a hundred dollars purchase a brand new bicycle, or roller-skates, ice-skates, a tennis racket or perhaps a gym membership [only if you know they offer classes that you will consider fun].  Usually this is just a onetime purchase so is not a major expense.  


One of the top gyms, Gold's Gymm, is superior if you are interested in serious bodybuilding. If not, then I do not suggest it as they rarely have pools and saunas.  These are essential for me to feel like the health club is "fun." If like myself, you love a more spa feel and social atmosphere, it is suggested you seek out a health club that has these amenities, including pool and sauna, yoga classes, and other fun exercise classes -- make sure they are offered at all levels.  Start with a beginning class and work up.


For less than twenty dollars you can go dancing at the local disco or nightclub for the entire night.  If you don't think dancing to be an aerobic exercise, think again!  It is not essential the music style is exactly your genre.  I promise you no matter how old or young may be, a night of hip-hop will not kill you [It does not happen to me my favorite, though is great for exercise!].  Later return to country swing or perhaps a little ballroom dancing, or be it hard rock.  Go a couple times a month, purely for the fun of it.  Flaunt your new energy, your new sexy you!


An aerobic activity is defined as an exercise whereas your heart rate is elevated and breathing oxygen is an integral part of the exercise.  Aerobics are essential for the cardiovascular and the overalll sense of well being. Now we may diverge here on your perception of aerobics, as we are accustomed to thinking of aerobic classes at the local gym. This is certainly aerobics, but so is jogging, or brisk walking for that matter.


Your mind may resist the fact that something fun can also be considered an exercise.  You may even say, "How is this helping us over come our procrastination for exercising?"  It is based on a simple premise that is true for "most people."  It goes like this> we will gravitate to that we consider fun and easy and will do almost everything we can to avoid pain and hard-work.  So make it fun. Make it enjoyable and easy. 


Do not start with triathlon training, whereas you do a 5 mile bike ride on day 1.  Start with going to the end of the block and back.  Pat yourself on the back, take a shower and give yourself some positive affirmations like "Each and every day I am looking better and better!"  Then, tomorrow do 2 blocks and so forth. Only go as far as it feels like having fun, or it feels like "freedom."  Do not do your "activity" everyday.  Give yourself a break and start any of these activities slow, as in 3 times per week, max.  Make it social and you will really have extra benefits.  Invite your son or daughter, mother or father, other family members, church members, co-workers, friends, etc.  


You will suddenly realize one day that your depression has lifted, you're thinner and you feel fabulous and sexy.  And you did it neither by counting repetitions nor by doing deep knee bends.


Get A Trip.comHere is your choice:  Dancing or deep knee bends,  swimming or push-ups, bicycle riding or sit-ups?   See the point?  Not only can you add these exercises later, but you may just be having so much fun you won't have the time for excruciating grueling exercises.  Suddenly, you will laugh at yourself and it will become most obvious as to why you didn't have the motivation to shed those extra pounds before.  


Pass this philosophy on to your other friends that you know, especially the ones you know are secretly struggling.  Suggest a friendly game of racket-ball if this is your gig.  Don't be afraid of failure and especially do not ever worry about what "others" will think.  They are not more important than you. You were given one life to live, so live it well.  


If someone wants to make a snide remark or say somthing like you are too old to be dancing to hip-hop, just know these are the very same folk that have but one destiny -- they will be the ones to judge themselves relentlessly as well. They will suffer low self-esteem and their social life will dwindle because of it. Do not listen to people like that. Stick with the winners, people that want you to succeed and are there to support your goals.  Everyone else?  Kick them to the curb, you don't need them in your life. Life is too short, stick with your friends and let the rest go!  Leave them to their own prejudice and misery.  And where will you be?  Having the time of your life... feeling younger now than you did ten years ago!  This has been the experience for countless others, let it be true for you too. funAnd if nobody has told you they loved you today, I am.  You serve as a lighthouse unto the world. By you becoming all you can be you subconsciously give permission to those around you to do the same.  Your awakening has the power to awaken others. I did not make this up. It happens to be a familiar story, a truth told by all the spiritual masters and countless other philosophers. Every religion has a version of this or similiar rendition. 


On the flip side your depression has the power to affect others, for the worse of course!  Be responsible for the image you portray, nobody is responsible but you.  You will gain far better health by becoming happy, then just crunching situps. Live your life with passion and you automatically give this gift to those around you.  This is being miracle minded. This is how those around you will see you.  They will want what you have.  We applaud all your efforts at becoming the new you!   Best wishes always cheeky


We at Get A Trip , Beach Spa and Trip Articles  would again like to thank you for reading this article about, "Why we want to exercise and don't".  


Remember, "Today Is The First Day of The Rest Of Your Life!"


Why We Want To Exercise And Don't...  now it's your turn!  Tell us your reasons...?

Tell us honestly, why you don’t exercise.   Leave us your thoughts on this in the comments.   Also, please tell us if you found a new past-time you turned into a fun exercise?  

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